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A Good Man

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God’s design is timeless. He created them male and female, and creation matters. It is imperative that boys learn what it means to be a man. They need a guide. You’re their guide, and A Good Man will help!

A Good Man stands against the tide of culture, speaking words of truth that counteract the devil's lies. Your son is wonderfully and fearfully made—this book will help you show them what that means. Creative and winsome, A Good Man will help your little man know what it means to be God's man.

For the glory of the King!

Detail on a case purchase:

The price for a case of 20 ($6.00/book) is designed for you to sell the book to your church or group at the same BetterMan price of $12.99, but you keep the difference. Your church bookstore or ministry can teach boys a biblical definition of manhood and earn money for your ministry.