A Good Man

A Good Man stands against the tide of culture, speaking words of truth that counteract the devil's lies. Your son is wonderfully and fearfully madeā€”this book will help you show them what that means.

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The BetterMan Workbook

These 75-page, high-quality workbooks were created to help guide you and your men over the 11-week BetterMan journey.

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El libro de trabajo de MejorHombre

Un libro informativo de alta calidad, diseƱado para guiarte a ti y a tu grupo a lo largo de este viaje de 11-semanas

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The Defined Series - Workbook

BetterMan Defined is a follow-up series built on the 11-week BetterMan Core Curriculum. BetterMan Defined is a series of four 5-week curriculumsā€”each curriculum Ā is a deep dive into the key principles of biblical manhood.Biblically rich, theologically sound, and incredibly practical, each study includes pre-recorded video teachings from manhood experts, workbook guides, and group discussion questions.

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